void+stock is a specialty art shop for our times.

Artists’ studios and storage spaces can be rich repositories of artworks left from past showings, and others that have never seen the light of day. void+stock employs the unique void+ perspective acquired over many years of connecting art and design to select artworks, which are then borrowed from the artist for a fixed period, and displayed for sale. Unlike conventional galleries, void+stock also focuses on space design, coordination, and styling to offer suggestions for coordinating interiors and artworks in residential, office, and retail settings. void+stock also stocks unique plants to add interest to spaces in combination with artworks, plus valuable graphics books and other art items as conversation pieces.

Through these activities we aim to encourage the emergence of a new kind of art market, by unearthing treasures that would otherwise remain hidden, and finding attractive ways to convey their value. We also anticipate void+stock playing a role in creating new value, with input from various viewpoints including those of artists and others in the art sector, collectors, and art enthusiasts. 



Hiroshi Sugihara

Joined Kansai Yamamoto Co in 1980, where he was in charge of store development/production. Established Azone+Associates Inc. in 1992, engaging in overall planning and direction of space and graphic design projects. From 1995 to 2000, he participated in the launch of the art event “Morphe” held in the Aoyama area, handling the visual direction and acting as secretariat of the entire project. He established void+ in 2005, organizing mainly contemporary art exhibitions as well as architecture, music, and performing arts events. In 2018, Sugihara positioned art as a strategic element of office and retail settings, and launched the +Graphysm project to develop design and events. He established void+stock in 2020.


1992- graphic design and direction for soft ballet-million mirrors and other CD albums.
1995-1996 signage planning, graphic design and direction for the IBM Group General Exhibition
1995-2000 design direction and production of the art event  Morphe.
1996- graphic design and direction for NHK Symphony Orchestra.
1997 consulting architecture and art installation plans for the Shibuya PARCO Renewal Project 
2005 producing Regreen, a project to promote bi-regional living
2006 started operation of cafe and gallery, Regreen Base, a renovated old house in Katsunuma, Yamanashi Prefecture.
2009 produced Regreen Arts!, a community exchange art event  co-sponsored by Yamanashi Prefecture
2011 graphic design and direction for Yokohama Triennale.
2013 visual and creative direction for Kansai Yamamoto's Japan Genki Project
2014 published A-ccess, an architecture and art culture map of Omotesando and Aoyama.
2015 design direction for the culture review site Real Tokyo
2018 produced +Graphysm
2020 Produced  void+stock

<produced exhibition at void+>

2005 OJUN Mijyukuno Hito”, Koki Tanaka Cause is Effect”
2006 Kyoko Taniyama Echo”, Yoichi Miyajima, Risa Kayahara LIMIT”, Koji Tanada
2007 Hans Benda les araignées sous ton fauteuil”, Osamu Kanemura Dante Lobster”
2008 Tatsumi Orimoto Document”, Junichi Mori minawa”, Shigeru Hasegawa ABSTRACT”, Ryuro Fukuda What have we found”
2009 Takao Kawaguchi A Parfect Life”, Kazuna Taguchi Hanbun Grey de Dekiteiru”, Rie Nakajima Unwind”, Kazutoshi Shimuta TORSOHOUSE”
2010 Ives Maes “PROGRESS”
2011 Satoshi Uchiumi Simple Game”
2012 Ryuro Fukuda Beyond”
2013 Road Show” Midori Mitamura / Miho Shirai / Chie Matsui
2014 Osamu Kanemura Nothing was Delivered”, Haruo Furukawa Futagire”
2015 Yoichi Miyajima, Unknown” Mineki Murata / Misaki Machino / Nao Nishihara / Akiko Minowa
2016 Meiro Koizumi+Manuel Saiz Between One and Man”, Masatoshi Mori Brackish Water”, OJUN Junkohinpin”, Unknown” Kyotaro Hakamata
2017 Kazuhiro Nomura Earring and grapes”, Unknown” Akiko and Masako Takada
2018 Ariel Hassan Tragedy of Equality”
2019 Tomotaka Yasui misty”, Motohiro Tomii Sen wo kariert”, Yuichi Higashionna un-unheimlich”, Kazuna Taguchi the eyes of Eurydice”, 
    Nobutaka Aozaki A chair that might have been, maybe Walt Disney, almost ice cream, now Omotesando”, Unknown” Ayaka Yamamoto
2020 Syuta Hasunuma OTHER -Someone’s  public and private / Something’s public and private”                 
    Teppei Soutome our time”, Jun Homma I saw a landscape”

Book Selection

Toru Hachiga
Editor / Creative director

After working as an editor for Pie Books, Hachiga planned/founded the creators magazine +81 in 1997, serving as editor-in-chief through issue 11. Upon the launch of the Gas Project, he directed book series, DVDs, the Gas Shop, and exhibition planning in his role as creative and editorial director. In November 2008, he launched the international creative journal Quotation (BNN Shinsha through issue 12,  Matoi Publishing from 13 on) where as editor-in-chief in charge of writing, design, and direction, he plans and produces content on creative work in various fields. He is author of from Magazine and Creative in Japan (both published by BNN Shinsha).


Green Coordination

Kohei Oda
Qusamura plant store proprietor

Born in 1976 in Hiroshima. During a stop in Paris while traveling the world in his twenties, Oda was inspired by the sight of a floral artist decorating a boutique interior, and on returning to Japan, began doing space design using cut flowers and ornamental plants. A few years later, just when he was starting to feel he’d reached a limit with the standard kinds of expression using flowers and plants, Oda encountered a world-renowned art collector, and was startled to hear him say, on seeing flowers damaged after delivery, that “struggling plants are beautiful.” From then on, Oda ceased choosing plants for their tidy attractiveness, instead deciding whether or not they had a “good face.” Armed with this unconventional approach, he decided to deal in one-off plants that he found beautiful, and in 2012 opened Qusamura, a plant shop offering an original kind of floral beauty. 




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